Business Maximize the Sales & Minimize Follow Up Expense by Eliminating Likely Future Disqualified Prospects

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In the modern capitalize world, everything has a cost to acquire it. Even the sales are generating revenue to organization, there’s a cost organization has to accept acquire the relevant sale. Each & every attempt towards to close the sale has generate the cost. The relevant cost became an expense when every time prospect sale turns to disqualified. It identifies as SALES FOLLOW UP EXPENSE.

But keep in mind that the follow up cost usually an ignorant & hidden fact, because it may represent the very low proportion comparable to the sales revenue & other expenses. But if the any organization engaging with the business of low profit margin or/and experience the low sales close rate, then every single cost no matter what the proportion it represents can do significant effect to the final accounting & very vital to sustainability of the organization.

The sales follow up cost contains

  • Sales representative’s wages
  • The time consumes of all direct sales force & other sales supportive staffs.
  • Other expenses such as traveling, fuel, internet, phone call expenses & etc.

In today’s high competition market, each & every cost is very important. When the cost converts to expense due to disqualified sales is crucial, even how little fragment it would be. Because accumulating many low expenses can indicate significant amount.

Is it possible to sales follow up expense avoid?

The simple answer is “NO” unless you are dealing in the monopoly trade. But it can be minimized by avoiding further follow ups by early recognizing most likely future disqualified prospects.

Yes, I know what you feel & thinking my sound is crazy of eliminating further follow ups as almost all the marketing gurus refer to continues multiple follow ups around 5~10 until close the sale. But if the prospect who we are following, is not the correct one or not in the optimum level to acquire the product or service we promote, it’s impossible to have a sale even make million follow ups.

But much as early, avoiding such a follow up, it gains

  • The sales team can save time & can allocate to find new prospects.
  • The sales team can make more focus & allocate more time on likely qualified prospects.
  • The sales representative can minimize the follow up numbers to close a sale.
  • The sales force can increase their sales close amount gradually that helps them to increase their

positive confidence toward to acquire new sale, benefit more sales commission & eligible for career promotions.

How could recognize likely the future disqualified prospects to eliminate to further follow?

It could be very challenging decision to find & eliminate prospects who would be likely future disqualified without choosing the real prospects as most of us are mediocre persons who do hold neither supernatural power to read other’s minds nor view the future.

But thorough out the some of the already exist theories help us to make a select with minimum errors which prospect to conduct further follow ups & which ones to eliminate.

The five basic sales obstacles

I.No Money
II.No Hurry
III.No Need
IV.No Trust
V.No Desire

2. If the prospective client is with a purchase or the procurement office in the corporate sector, you can make a conclusion of your product or service by applying a client’s decision-making view the 6 “R” concept which famous among the purchasing background personals.

I.Right Quality
II.Right Quantity
III.Right Price
IV.Right Place
V.Right Time
VI.Right Source

3. Whether the person, do you follow up, is the right one who has the authority to make the purchasing decision. Depend on the organization and the nature & value of the product you are dealing, the decision-making process & the person is very from top management to middle managements, sometimes it decent to the executives to office staff.

While the follow up process going on, take your time to do little analyze to calculate the potential opportunity to have relevant sales.

If you discover, the prospects with above characters & low possibility of future sales, it’s better to quite further follow up and allocate that time to find a new prospect or spend to closely monitor higher potential prospects. But please don’t totally forget the prospect & make sure to add Relationship Reminder on such a prospect in order to keep in touch through at least a one phone call in every six months, as they might be they may have demand for your products/services or they may offer you a referral.

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