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The “Sales Follow Up” is a process of systematically following the client in regular intervals and/or in necessary time in order to acquire the sales.

The sales follow up is a vital expect for any profit orient organization as though out the sales it’s generating the revenue. The company’s & it’s employee’s future & benefits depend on how strongly the organization acquires the market. But by the experience every sales representatives or marketers very well known that it does not possible to close a sale from the first attempt. Every sales representative having to engage with multiple follow up to close the deal.

The many recent studies show it requires 5 to 12 follow ups to close the sale. But unfortunately, many sales representatives give up by 3 to 4 follow ups. The inappropriate & unprofessional way of follow up designates as the main reason for the lack of sales.

Every organization invests millions of funds on the sales/marketing departments in order to obtain more sales. Each & every approach directly to the clients made by the sales force has a cost. But every approach of without sale, the cost turns to an expense. The only the way to earn the maximum return on the investment, maintain a higher sale close ratio by practicing effective follow up process.

It’s not an easy task to keep alive within client’s radar with the products & services among the thousands of competitive suppliers, millions of information & engaging of day to day busy schedules. Most of the time when the first approach, client may not interest of your product or services due to,
a. Might not have a requirement
b. May supplier available.
But if you are willing to maintain a relationship till the point of requirement occur & take a decision to make a purchase or find a new supplier due to any issues with existing one by maintaining rich loop of follow up process, you have an opportunity to start the business.

You are having to be very careful of your follow up process is not to be an interrupt event to the client & their duties. When you maintain a friendly long term follow up process, you have a higher chance to develop a relationship with the client. Then your chance to close the sales is very higher as most of the sales are close because of the relationships and you may can earn new referrals or you may easier to learn what the reason that you are unable to have sale.

If you are engaged, perfect follow up process, but still experience with lack of sale, it might be the case due to the product or service what you have promoted,
a. Might be unable to obtain the attention of the people due to many multiple reasons such as there are advance competitive items available in the market or it’s not a suitable answer for people’s desire or the product becoming obsolete.
b. Might be you are approaching the wrong segment of the client base to promote the product.
The base of the observation, you have opportunity to make decision to correct the error & find the path or switch to a suitable product rather than ruin your carrier.

The effective follow up allows to reveal many hidden data in the market such as

  • Competitors new products
  • How market react to the competitor’s products
  • Competitors strategies
  • The client’s view of our products & services
  • What are the client’s expectations

In the supply chain management as the product/service goes to the end consumer, the information flow goes to end consumer to principle. These information are very vital to enhance the product or service as without knowing the final consumer’s feedback it’s impossible to enhance the quality in order to deliver the product/service with customer satisfaction.

As a sales representative or marketer, even you engage in one of the highest payable job in the organization, if the sales ratio rate is low, you are not eligible to entertain the highest salary scale, bonus & commissions. If your performance is too low, might be the higher risk of loosing the job. The only way to make the change is increasing the sales close rate by conducting follow up process with efficiently & effectively. By earning reputation as a professional salesperson, you are becoming an asset to the organization that case to increase the income & secure the job.

The follow up process help you to have a better idea & view of the client & his organization’s financial strength, buying power, capability, attitudes ect & it helps to decide whether keep hanging on the follow up process or terminate. These details are very vital to use in future decisions to approach the clients for the new product or services.

Note :
Addition to the follow up prior to the close the sale, some are referring the after sale follow up. The follow up the client after the sale is closed. The relevant scenario is not mentioned as it’s very close to the customer relationship rather than the follow up.

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